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CD Release by
Magelone of Offenbach's
Les Trois baisers du diable

with Ensemble Nigella



KEIN LICHT (P. Manoury)

Soprano solo. Holland Festival Amsterdam

Musiekgebouw. Leroy/Stehmann


LULU (A. Berg)
lead role cover at Théâtre Royal La Monnaie / DeMunt Brussels Altinoglu/Warlikowski 02-18.11.21

LE COSMICOMICHE (M. Reverdy) Soprano Solo
Festival MANCA / Opéra de Nice Warynski/ Duhamel 11.12.21

VON HEUTE AUF MORGEN (A.Schönberg) CD Studio Recording with Ensemble Nigella/
T. Nemoto


(P. Glass) La Coopérative national  touring company/France wide tour Olivier / Ménard 12.12.22-31.03.23


"A special mention for Mélanie Boisvert who sings this extremely difficult part with wonderful ease. " Olyrix, Zappa/ 200 Motels

Photo: Liza Miri
"With the grace of an Audrey Hepburn-like ballerina, Mélanie Boisvert's Tytania is an enchantment, with her detailled vocalise and the elegance of her incarnation." Opera Magazine

"This woman of will is sung by Mélanie Boisvert who accomplishes a double tour de force; to convince in the "light" Offenbach role as well as in Schönberg's demanding and chatty  score, in which she sings her part as if it were most natural while dupplicating her personality." Télérama,dyptich Offenbach/Schönberg

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